Frequently Asked Questions

What is AduanKu
AduanKu is a site to facilitate the Rakyat to report simply by locating the issue on a map.

AduanKu is on a trial run to bring this service to residents initially for Subang Jaya. There are plans to expand this to the rest of the Klang Valley, and eventually the rest of Malaysia.

The overall aim is to empower the Rakyat to monitor their local authority’s performance and response in attending to their complaints.
How do I get in touch with AduanKu?
You can contact us via e-mail at [email protected]
What sort of problems should I report with AduanKu?
AduanKu is primarily for reporting things which are broken or dirty or damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as:
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Animal faeces
  • Graffiti
  • Uncollected garbage
  • Litter or illegal dumping
  • Street cleaning, such as broken glass
  • Unlit/faulty lamp posts
  • Potholes
What isn’t AduanKu for?
AduanKu is not a way of getting in touch with your council for all issues – please use AduanKu only for problems such as the above. Do note however, that some of the problems reported may need to be routed to other departments such as Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Tenaga Nasional (TNB), Telekom Malaysia (TM), Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) etc. As such, there may be delays in your report getting to the relevant department and getting resolved.

You will need to contact you council directly for problems such as:
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Any urgent or emergency problems
  • Noise pollution or barking dogs
  • Fires and smoke/smell pollution
  • Missing wheelie bins or recycling boxes or missed rubbish collections
  • Proposals for speed bumps/ CCTV/ pedestrian crossings/ new road layouts/ etc.
  • Complaints regarding your neighbours
  • Complaints about the council
  • Joy riding, drug taking, animal cruelty, or other criminal activity

Councils often have direct hotlines for these sorts of issues.

How do I use the site?
After entering a postcode or location, you are presented with a map of that area. You can view problems already reported in that area, or report ones of your own simply by clicking on the map at the location of the problem.
How are the problems solved?
They are reported to the relevant council by email. The council can then resolve the problem the way they normally would. Alternatively, you can file the problem yourself, using the local councils official channels or discuss the problem on the website with others, and then together lobby the council to fix it, or fix it directly yourselves.
Is it free?
The site is free to use. AduanKu Malaysia is a community based project run by Transparency International Malaysia ( and Sinar Project ( Contributions. and donations to support Aduanku are welcome. Please get in touch with Transparency International Malaysia at [email protected] for details on how to donate to the cause.
Can I use AduanKu on my mobile?

The AduanKu website should work on your mobile phone, adapting to the size of your screen automatically. We plan to release updated native apps in the near future.

Practical Questions

I’m from a council, where do you send the reports?
You can either leave a test report or contact us to find out where reports go at the moment. Also contact us to update the address or addresses we use.
Do you remove silly or illegal content?
AduanKu is not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We reserve the right to edit or remove any problems or updates which we consider to be inappropriate upon being informed by a user of the site.
Why can’t I zoom out more on the reporting map?
We want to keep AduanKu locally focused, so restrict the ability to move radically between areas. The map on Your Reports will let you see all the reports you’ve made, wherever they are. If you’re from the council then the emailed version of the problem report also contains the closest road and postcode to the pin on the map.
This site is great – why aren’t you better publicised?
As a tiny charity we simply don’t have a publicity budget, and we rely on word of mouth to advertise the site. We have a whole array of posters, flyers and badges if you’d like to publicise us on the web or in your local area, and why not write to your local paper to let them know about us?

Organisation Questions

Who built AduanKu?
This site was built by Sinar Project, in conjunction with Transparency International Malaysia. The source code is based on the UK site,, developed by mySociety. Sinar Project is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation which uses open source technology, development and ideas to make the Malaysian government more transparent and accountable. Sinar Project is a collection of related open source projects which consists of open data providers as well as applications that make information accessible to Malaysian citizens. Transparency International Malaysia (ROS: 1649) is an independent, no-governmental and non-partisan organisation committed to the fight against corruption. TI-M is the accredited National Chapter in Malaysia of the Berlin Based Transparency International.
Who pays for it?
AduanKu was originally paid for by grants received from Transparency International and Information Society Innovation Funds (ISIF) Asia. It is now funded by a variety of means, from commercial work to donations.
Do you need any help with the project?
Yes, we can use help in all sorts of ways, technical or non-technical. Please see our Get Involved page.
I’d like a site like this for my own location/ where’s the "source code" to this site?
The software behind this site is open source, and available to you mainly under the GNU Affero GPL software license. You can download the source code and help us develop it. You’re welcome to use it in your own projects, although you must also make available the source code to any such projects. Fiksgatami is an example of our code being used in a Norwegian version of this site.
People build things, not organisations. Who actually built it?
Matthew Somerville and Francis Irving wrote the site, Chris Lightfoot wrote the tileserver and map cutter, Richard Pope created our pins, Deborah Kerr keeps things up-to-date and does user support, Ayesha Garrett designed our posters, and Tom Steinberg managed it all. Thanks also to Ordnance Survey (for the maps, UK postcodes, and UK addresses – data © Crown copyright, all rights reserved, Ministry of Justice 100037819 2008), Yahoo! for their BSD-licensed JavaScript libraries, the entire free software community (this particular project was brought to you by Perl, PostgreSQL, and the number 161.290) and Bytemark (who kindly host all our servers). Let us know if we’ve missed anyone.
Who maintains AduanKu localized version of FixMyStreet?
Chee Leong maintains the site server and writes the custom code changes for the Malaysian version, with technical support from MySociety International.
Do I need permission to copy and republish the public pictures and reports on
No you do not. Feel free to use and republish pictures and text of reports on this cite. They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
When reusing images or text, please attribute by referencing the name of person who submitted the report or picture (if shared publicly) and the link to the original report on
Example caption:
Picture of pothole in Subang Jaya, taken by Abdullah